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Founder's Story

Discover the roots of Mason Technologies through the eyes of our founder, Jennifer Mason. Her profound impact on the industry began with a vision in 2002 that continues to drive our company forward. Dive into her story below.

Jennifer Mason started Mason Technologies in 2002 and remains the sole owner to this day. In the healthcare industry since high school, Jennifer later became a Registered Nurse— a certification she still holds over twenty years later. She quickly became the youngest charge nurse in Catholic Health history, running New York’s largest Pediatric Rehabilitation program.

From the start, Jennifer observed many technicians working on the technology infrastructure within the healthcare industry following unsanitary work habits and exhibiting subpar craftsmanship, which frequently resulted in unstable and ineffective technology deployments. She would see these technicians working carelessly above active hospital beds without proper infectious control measures or guided safety standards. Driven by her mission to provide unparalleled care, Jennifer realized there had to be a better way to ensure both patient safety and technological reliability.

Jennifer suffered a back injury that forced her to retire from active nursing. At her core, she knew she could still impact safety in the healthcare industry in other ways. With her patients in mind, she started Mason Technologies to provide quality technology deployments with patient safety and infectious control as the highest priority.

As the company evolved, Mason expanded into deeper technology deployments, specializing in structured cabling, data centers, audio visual, and security in the most challenging environments.

Mason has since performed work all over the world, running projects in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, all for the United States Government.

Whether deploying solutions in the most remote deserts or right in our backyard, Mason has always approached every engagement with the same passion, pride, and family values that encapsulate our life’s work.

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