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Core Values

Mason is made up of what makes America strong: seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, engaging passionately in their life’s work. Our team approaches every project, whether it's a small upgrade or a facility-wide buildout, with the same pride, integrity, and professionalism that define who we are.


Integrity will always outlast technology. Long after a successful integration, honesty drives lifelong partnerships.

Mason’s culture is guided by family-based values. We believe in genuine interactions, transparency, and accountability.

We operate with full transparency: in pricing, design, capabilities, product selection, and day-to-day operations.


From Mason’s inception, our employees have been judged by their actions alone. Long before employment programs and minority certifications, Jennifer wanted to hire the best people the world has to offer. Of the first 10 technicians hired, 7 had minority backgrounds.

Today, with over 200 W2 employees, Mason is proud to be comprised of over 61% women and members of diverse minority backgrounds.

Our staff represents over 20 different countries, all of which found their home in the United States of America.

Diversity is not a mission at Mason but a way of life. It is a fundamental principle in our approach to business, and in life.


Mason holds its reputation as sacred. It is based solely on the quality of our work and the integrity of our word. We never confuse pride with arrogance. We work as humble partners, grateful for every opportunity we pursue with our partners.

We believe that an artistically designed and executed project is the lifeblood of Mason’s history—and its future. The quality of our work is unmatched. Our goal, without exception, is to exceed industry standards. 

Our technicians and field staff are key to our identity. They are the boots on the ground, our professional athletes. They are dedicated to the mission, work with respect, and strive for excellence. Their professionalism and workmanship are the core of Mason’s culture and will continue to be our foundation. Our technicians' average age is 44 years old.

Above all else, Mason values experience, hands-on expertise, and quality craftsmanship. The team on the ground drives the quality of any deployment, leaving the end user with a pristinely installed, expertly commissioned solution for years to come.


Our team loves what they do. Day in and day out, the passion and pride of our life’s work is front and center.

Our passion is clear in the detailed design discussions with our engineers. It’s clear in the craftsmanship of our field technicians, and the responsiveness of our project management team. 

Most of all, our passion is clear in the face-to-face meetings we have. It seeps into every on-site survey, project meeting, conference call, and in-person interaction we have together.

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