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Mason Technologies is the Most Reliable Source for your Wireless Installation Needs


Here at Mason Technologies Inc. we are constantly looking for new ways to help out our customers. After realizing the need for Wireless Access Point Installation (WAP), we have experts who are more than qualified to properly install Wi-Fi throughout your building. Going wireless saves a lot of space, time and even cost. And with our help you’ll have wireless internet available throughout your entire building in no time. We provide a range of professional services which can help you plan, install and maintain your network. We will help determine the most cost-effective solution to integrate and magnify your wireless system to best serve the needs of you and your facility.


We specialize in installing WAP in all sorts of buildings, including small to large businesses, airports, convention centers, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, schools, government facilities and other large venues. Anywhere you need our services we can be there to help. The need for wireless services has never been higher and it is expected for facilities to have great Wi-Fi at any given time. Give your customers what they want and they’ll be sure to appreciate it. Achieving optimal coverage and system performance in large facilities such as sports and entertainment venues, convention centers, hotels and airports can be complicated by the volume of users as well as the facility features.


Mason’s Wireless / Wi-Fi Installation & Services


  • Enterprise Wi-Fi Hotspots

  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

  • High Capacity Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX)

  • In-Building Cellular and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

  • Mobile Wireless Access

  • Multi-Service Mesh Networks

  • Outdoor Broadband Wireless / Wi-Fi (including communities and rural wireless)

  • Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless

  • Point-to-Point Wireless

  • Public Safety Solutions

  • Wi-Fi Cellular Boost / Signal Enhancement / Amplifiers Repeaters Installation

  • Wireless Video Surveillance

  • Wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Wireless / Wi-Fi For Multimedia (business telephones, CCTV, digital signage, hand held scanners, paging and music systems, point of sale (POS), VoIP etc.)

Common applications include:


  • City-Wide Municipal Broadband Networks

  • Customer Aggregation (For Businesses)

  • Inter-building Connectivity (For Businesses or Schools/Campuses)

  • Wireless Backhaul/Circuit Replacement


Wireless / Wi-Fi Equipment Installation


Mason Technologies can install nationwide wireless/Wi-Fi equipment from practically any wireless/Wi-Fi vendor. To date, we have installed a variety of industry leading wireless equipment to meet the needs of even the most demanding of our customers.


Wireless / Wi-Fi Network Types Include:


  • 802.11a

  • 802.11b

  • 802.11g

  • 802.11n

  • Broadband / 3G Cellular Data

  • Mobile WiMAX

  • Wireless Mesh


Project Management


Mason Technologies' goal is to provide you with a single point of contact, project management team for Wi-Fi rollouts and technology deployments across the globe. Our highly trained engineers will work with your own IT department to advise you on the latest technologies and best solutions for you and your enterprise. Our goal is to help your company launch a wireless network that will grow with your business.


Wi-Fi/WLAN Network Design/Engineering


Installing a wireless network requires careful planning. First business requirements and goals should be evaluated and a site survey must be undertaken to determine any possible sources of interference. It may be difficult to implement Wi-Fi Networks in high interference areas (such as stadiums or airports) or the network may be incompatible with existing equipment and can open up risks in security. Instead of getting rid of your wired network completely, it is better to set up WLANs in addition your existing wired networks. We will assure proper planning when planning and setting up your wireless network. The complexity of your network will also vary depending on the obstacles within and how large your facility is. But don’t worry, with our help you can be sure we’ll be able to set up a wireless network in no time.


Radio Frequency Tests & Site Surveys


We always make sure to run a site survey at the beginning. This is a physical survey of your premise to find the best possible places to install access points and make sure you can receive perfect wireless coverage and optimum performance.

However before we install any wireless devices we first perform a radio frequency (RF) test. This allows us to understand the behavior of radio waves within a facility better. Various obstacles such as people, walls, doors or anything else may affect the radio frequency pattern. This can cause it to be irregular and unpredictable and we want to make sure the Wi-Fi will be optimal within your facility. Radio waves do not travel the same distance in all directions so omni-directional antennas may not help you. The RF test can detect radio interference that might come from other sources that will negatively affect the performance of the wireless network. The goal of both the site survey and RF test is to determine the number of the access points and figure out their placements. From there we can work on beginning installation.


 Access Points - WLAN Installation


Mason Technologies will add the Wi-Fi system to your current network and install all the required wireless equipment and certify its operation. Below is a list of activities that one might expect during an installation:


  1. Mounting of access points

  2. Installation of enclosures on case-by-case basis (physical security)

  3. Mounting of antennas

  4. Connection of antennas to access points

  5. Connection of backbone LAN to access points

  6. Connection of power to access points

  7. Installation and connection of remote power system

  8. Verification of coverage


Configuration of access points and hardware to include:


  • IP addresses

  • Proper firmware level

  • Radio information (SSID, channel, bit rate)

  • Verification of backbone connectivity


There are Many Advantages of Wi-Fi Networks / WLANs


Using Wi-Fi/WLAN will help you and your facility in many ways including: mobility, flexibility, ease of use, range of coverage, increase installation speed and will save you money. You can set up internet anywhere in your facility which will make it easier and faster to find and send information than ever before. It is extremely simple to use the wireless network once it’s installed and anyone can do it.  Wireless internet will eliminate the need for all those cables and will let you use the internet in areas that may not have been possible to run internet before wireless. Thanks to minimal cabling and installation costs per device and user, you will be saving money. It is so simple to use you will definitely save money from user downtime and administrative overhead. There is no limit to the great things that Wi-Fi will provide you with so be sure to get in contact with us today.


Mason Technologies is a leader in telecom design engineering, specification development and project management. We will help you design, install, commission and manage DAS networks that enhance cellular coverage and increase customer satisfaction. We provide turnkey project management and oversight that includes: vendor selection, carrier contract negotiations, site assessment, design, development, construction, system commissioning, startup, and testing. If you need a wireless network we’re the only solution your company or organization needs. If you have any questions or wish to get started, contact us using any of our information located in the Contact page.

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