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Protect your Privacy by Having our Trained Experts Sound Mask Your Building


What is Sound Masking and who needs it?


Sound masking is the addition of a familiar sounding, air conditioning-like background sound to an environment. We can use either white or pink noise to mask human speech and diminish the distraction of other sounds. There are many benefits of sound masking, and anyone can use it. Whether you work for the government, a hospital, a law firm, or even an office building, sound masking is something you need to create speech privacy, to make an environment more comfortable, and to help make workers more productive. The addition of sound masking will make your operations run more smoothly and is highly recommended for nearly every work environment.


Where is Sound Masking needed most?


  • Call Centers

  • Office Privacy for Open and Closed Offices

  • Public Spaces such as reception areas, waiting rooms, banks and hallways

  • Hospitals - exam rooms, admitting, patient rooms and treatment areas

  • Financial facilities - banks & mortgage companies

  • Legal offices for  GLBA (Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act) compliance

  • Government buildings

  • Corporate offices

  • HIPPA compliance for medical offices


Reasons for getting a Sound Masking System


  • Open office layout with executives and employees in the same room

  • Eavesdropping Prevention

  • Speech Privacy

  • Reduced workplace stress levels

  • Productivity increases up to 20% when conversational distraction is reduced


Types of Sound Masking Systems


  • Centralized

  • Networked

  • Distributed

  • White and pink noise


We Install the following manufactures:


  • Atlas Sound

  • Cambridge Sound Management


How we can help choosing a Sound Masking Solution


As the leading experts in Sound Masking, we are the most reliable source when it comes to choosing a Sound Masking Solution. Depending on your unique situation we can determine which solution will best suit your specific needs.  There are many factors which can determine which solution is best for you including what type of company/organization you are, the frequencies of male and female voices, and their loudness (or decibel level) at normal speaking levels. The ambient noise in the space as well as the acoustical values of the building's interior construction and furnishings also play a part in what type of system is right for you. We will factor in all the equations and come up with a sound masking solution that best suits your company/organization.

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