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Milestone Acquisitions: Expanding the Mason Family

Updated: May 17

Join us as we briefly recount the significant acquisitions that have contributed to Mason Technologies' evolution and expansion of our "one family".

Applied Sound

Our history is marked by strategic milestones, such as the 2012 acquisition of Applied Sound, a trailblazer in audio visual services and sound masking within New York City. Their dominant presence and mastery in audio visual excellence found a home within Mason Technologies after they called upon us to help tackle an unprecedented challenge for a Fortune 500 global technology company. Since that moment, we forged a bond that would solidify our shared future, continuing to innovate and excel as one. Remaining true to our pledge to prioritize the well-being of all people, we extended our hand to the employees of Applied Sound, embracing them all as valued new members of the Mason family.




In 2022, a decade after acquiring Applied Sound, we celebrated the integration of G-Systems into our Mason family, led by Joe Gavin of the renowned Gavin family—whose name echoes through the archives of New York's cabling history. Their friendly rivalry and impeccable standards elevated our own performance and drive. Recognizing the bright future that lay with Mason, G-Systems brought their legacy under our wing, expanding our expertise and deepening the roots of our family tree. Our commitment to fostering a supportive environment extended to our acquisition of G-Systems too, where we proudly retained their talented team members, integrating them seamlessly into the fabric of the Mason family.



A Sweet Twist

Interestingly enough, our company’s incorporation and these two subsequent milestone acquisitions all coincide with the week of Halloween of their respective years.

Halloween is a time of community, joy, and the shared experience of making memories. This festive season reflects the heart of Mason Technologies: a place where all are welcome and celebrated. It's a spirit we embody in our daily operations, and our offices are always filled with the laughter, joy, and literal bowls of candy that this holiday brings.


These strategic acquisitions not only strengthen our capabilities but also reinforce our commitment to being a family-oriented business. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to embracing new members into our family, fostering a culture of innovation, and celebrating the unity that our shared history brings.


Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts where we'll delve deeper into each of these acquisitions and feature interviews with some key individuals who've been integral to each journey.


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