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Our Experts Will Install your Paging or Intercom Systems to Keep Operations Running Smoothly



Paging and Intercom Systems are important for virtually every business or organization. As long as you have employees or consumers in your building or worksite, both systems are likely incredibly important for your daily operation.  If you need to get in touch with someone fast there is no quicker or more dependable way than by using the systems we install. It doesn’t matter what your business is; a school, hospital, retail, a government building, a house of worship, you name it. If you’re looking to improve your work environment then give us a call. We offer a comprehensive knowledge, skill, and experience when we service our clients with their Paging and Intercom Systems. See why more and more companies depend on Mason Technologies Inc. as the only installation and design company they trust to get the job done both on time and on budget.


Paging Systems


When it comes to installing paging systems only Mason Technologies has the knowledge, skill and experience to do the job. Paging issues in retail stores and other large businesses can be extremely challenging; especially as it relates to cabling problems.  The paging systems we provide and install for you can be used to distribute important messages to your customers and including shift changes, fire warnings, and advertisements to customers or even play background music. Our services will save you money and you’ll know the most qualified team is at your side.


We Install Paging Systems for:


  • Car Lots

  • Government Buildings

  • Hospitals

  • House of Worships

  • Industry

  • Mechanics / Machine Shops

  • Medical / Dental / Doctors

  • Schools

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Stores


We Provide the Following Paging Options:


  • Background / Overhead Music Installation

  • Emergency Paging Systems

  • Indoor / Outdoor Paging Systems

  • Night Ring / Loud Ring / Clock Timer Paging Controller Installation

  • Paging Horn Installation: Loud Ringer, Warble, Alert

  • Paging Speakers Installation: Corner Speakers, Wall Speakers, Pendant Speakers, Recessed Ceiling Speakers

  • Paging Volume Controls

  • Talkback Paging

  • Telephone Ringers

  • Zone Paging Systems


Intercom Systems


An intercom is an electronic communications system within a building or group of buildings. Intercoms are generally composed of fixed microphone/speaker units which connect to a central control panel. A small home intercom might connect a few rooms in a house. Larger systems might connect all of the rooms in a school or hospital to a central office. Intercoms in larger buildings often function as public address systems, capable of broadcasting announcements.


We install and support a wide array of interoffice intercom and communication devices.


From simple wall mounted room to room configurations to office wide telephone intercoms we can provide solutions. We also install and support overhead paging, public address, outdoor speakers and music systems for your entire office or structure.

Most phone systems allow you to make paging announcements through speakers in the phones. But if you want to reach people in places where there are no phones, or in a noisy area, you'll need a separate paging amplifier and speakers. Most amplifiers can be connected to your phone system with an inexpensive patch cord. Some can also handle background music and a microphone.


Our commercial intercom system services cover:


  • Planning and Engineering

  • Our Professional Recommendation

  • Low, Competitive Prices

  • Parts Ordering and Management

  • Installation and Training on the Most Reliable Brands in the Industry

  • Service and Maintenance


Important Features of Owning a Commercial Intercom System


  • Communicate with members of your staff with a press of a button.

  • Monitor a specific area from any location in the building

  • Talk and listen without pressing buttons each time

  • Answer your door or entranceway only to authorized persons

  • We can include video capability to allow you to verify who is at the entry way or to observe a particular area.

  • We offer both wired and wireless systems


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