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New Construction Cabling Services will Help you Maximize the Return on your new Facility


If your business is expanding or relocating, take advantage of Mason Technologies Inc.'s New Construction Services. Our team of experts will help you maximize the return on the investment you're making in your new facility.

Mason Technologies Inc. works to keep your costs and ours under control during every phase of your construction project. From initial planning through completion, you will have one point of contact committed to providing you outstanding personal service.




Your Mason Technologies Inc. account manager, RCDDs and Master Technicians will work with you during every step of the planning and building process. Trained and certified individuals who constantly inspect and monitor for quality control of your site will oversee your project.




Working with other trades


In order to work efficiently, we all need to get along. When working together with other trades on your project, we have the experience and considerations of other trades in the field. We recognize the need to follow a strict adherence to a timeline, so no one is wasting time sitting around waiting on another trade. We will coordinate with all parties to ensure the smoothest flow of each stage of your project.


Lower Design Costs and Recommendations


We'll provide practical and innovative recommendations BEFORE plans are finalized for bids, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of redesigns and change orders.




Every jobsite, safety in the workplace is always a major concern. You can rest assured all safety quality concerns and OSHA regulations are addressed before the project begins, and safety controls are implemented before and during the various stages of your new construction project. Proper insurance documents are also provided prior to any work as an added measure.



Mason Technologies Inc. will provide all proper and adequate insurance documentation before the start of your project, specific to your project's needs. We carry all insurance requirements for virtually any construction or non-construction service.


  • Errors and Omissions Professional Liability

  • Employers Liability

  • Comprehensive General Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Public Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Fire Protection Damage

  • Vehicle Liability

  • Disability

  • Umbrella


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