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We're the experts in Cabling and Technology Rollouts for Nationwide Companies


You must install, de-install or upgrade equipment at hundreds of locations nationwide. And it must be done rapidly, on-time and on-budget.


Our team can assist you with all the planning, managing, staging and deployment of all your site locations in your area.

Mason's dedicated Project and Field Management team will respond to all of your project requirements and provide you with a single point of contact.


  • Daily reports

  • On site pictures detailing every stage

  • Hand-picked technicians with the appropriate skill level for your need

  • One point of contact

  • Flat rates to prevent cost overruns

  • 24/7 on site with multiple shifts


Looking for a RELIABLE Cabling Subcontractor?






Subcontract the cabling portion of your project to Mason Technologies Inc.


We respect your client relationships. When interacting with your clients on cabling subcontracts, we will represent your company with the professionalism your clients have come to expect from you, from the initial site survey to the final walkthrough. Our commitment to meeting our strategic partners and prime contractors unique needs always come first.



"We will never miss a deadline unless an act of God or scope of work changes."

Examples of cabling rollouts which Mason Technologies can orchestrate:


  • Rack Refreshes

  • MDF / IDF Moves

  • Phone System Upgrades

  • Computer/Server Network Upgrade

  • Maintenance and Modification

  • IT Routers

  • POS Equipment

  • Security Systems

  • Door Access Systems

  • A/V

  • WiFi


Rack Refreshes bring order to chaos.







Years of neglected infrastructure and poor planning can cause many large rack system architecture to become a disarray of wires and confusion. A proper rack refresh can bring order back from chaos and often will increase the performance of even the most congested of systems



could be


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