AV and IT requirements change fast.  For any end user, vetting the right solution represents a major investment in time and resources. Let Mason make that investment for you.  Our extensive staff of engineers, programmers, project managers and installation technicians represent some of the most tenured and experienced in the industry.  Mason will solidify the ever-shifting “sweet spot” between cutting-edge-technology and tried-and-true solutions. We recognize that a boilerplate solution does not exist - AV design requires incessant engagement with new technology through manufacturers, engineers, tech support and industry training. With a workforce of cleared personnel, it is an honor for Mason Technologies to assist in the Audio Visual needs of our partners.


From survey to design, implementation to programming, integration to training, maintenance to life cycle management, Mason Technologies remains unique in standing by our partners for the entire journey.




Protect your Privacy by Having our Trained Experts Sound Mask Your Building. We can use either white or pink noise to mask human speech and diminish the distraction of other sounds. There are many benefits of sound masking, and anyone can use it.

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