Seamless integration between access control and CCTV is essential.  A single portal facilitates ease of use, simplified remote access, and a clearly managed database of time-stamped access control events and supporting video clips.  Mason’s engineers drive toward this single point of contact, leveraging our partner’s existing LAN for convenient access, managed services, and support options.  


In today’s ever-changing world, where terrorism is a constant threat, and with an increase in crime, it is imperative for organizations to effectively protect their personnel and assets. With our  staff of engineers, programmers, project managers and installation technicians, Mason technologies can design and implement a system that meets the needs of our partners. 


Since cost is always a factor, Mason will maximize the potential of reusing existing infrastructure, including network switches, data cabling, and existing coaxial cabling - even for new, high-res applications.




Whether you need a simple one door access control or a complex multi door system, we can assist in the planning and installation for your entire access control requirements, backed by uncompromising customer service and support.

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