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At Mason Technologies, we deeply understand that technology is the lifeblood of modern industry.

Our full range of services and solutions accommodates the critical challenges and offers opportunities experienced by a host of sectors. From healthcare to government institutions, we deliver tailored technology solutions that drive efficiency, security enhancement, and innovation in their daily operations.

Check out our industry solutions to see some of the ways we are powering the future of business in diverse areas.

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Reliable Technology Services for Public Sector Excellence


Government agencies require secure, efficient, and compliant technology solutions. We deliver with secure network infrastructures, centralized control systems, and mobile data centers designed for emergency response and operational continuity.


In addition to our secure and efficient technology solutions for Government Agencies, we're proud to be the prime contract holder for New York City under contract #CT1-858-20201400649 through the NYC Office of Technology & Innovation (NYC OTI). This underscores our commitment to supporting public sector excellence with cutting-edge technology solutions.

  • Secure Communication Networks: Establishing robust infrastructure for secure data exchange.

  • Centralized Security and Operations: Implementing control centers for operational efficiency and safety.

  • Emergency Response Solutions: Offering portable data centers for critical situation management.

  • Public Safety Solutions: Deploying technologies for enhanced public safety and emergency services.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring our technologies adhere to government standards and regulations.

Proudly the Prime Contract Holder for New York City through the Office of Technology & Innovation - Supporting:

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OTI Contract #CT1-858-20201400649 


Innovative Technology Solutions for Enhanced Patient Care


The healthcare sector benefits from our expertise in creating secure, efficient, and patient-centered technology solutions. From safeguarding patient data with comprehensive network designs to ensuring seamless care delivery through advanced wireless systems, we focus on enhancing patient care and operational excellence.


  • Network Design & Implementation: Building secure data management systems for sensitive patient records.

  • Advanced Wireless Solutions: Providing reliable access to medical information through robust WiFi networks.

  • Security Systems: Implementing access control and surveillance to ensure patient and staff safety.

  • Seamless Technology Integration: Utilizing AVoverIP solutions to seamlessly weave cohesive technology integrations throughout entire health facilities 

  • Communication Technologies: Updating or installing top-class intercom and paging systems to support critical and urgent communication throughout healthcare locations

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Proud Healthcare Technologies Solutions Partner of:

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Higher Education

Empowering Educational Excellence through Advanced Technology


We deliver technology solutions that transform educational environments, from collaborative learning spaces to campus-wide connectivity. Our focus on enhancing the educational experience includes creating immersive audiovisual environments and deploying smart, energy-efficient lighting systems.

  • Collaborative Learning Technologies: Equipping classrooms with digital conferencing and interactive learning tools.

  • Campus Connectivity: Enhancing communication and safety with distributed antenna systems and power-efficient lighting.

  • Sound Solutions: Implementing acoustic treatments for clear audio in lectures, events, and public spaces.

  • Digital Signage: Utilizing dynamic displays for campus communications and information sharing.

Proudly Providing Technologies Solutions for Higher Education Partners like:


Financial Institutions

Secure and Efficient Technology Services for Financial Sectors


Financial institutions require uncompromised security and operational reliability. Our services cater to these needs through specialized disaster recovery planning, comprehensive surveillance systems, and data center management, ensuring financial data is always secure and accessible.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions: Ensuring continuity of operations with strategic backup and recovery plans.

  • Surveillance and Security: Protecting assets with state-of-the-art CCTV and IP security systems.

  • Data Management: Providing secure, efficient data center solutions tailored to financial operations.

  • Compliance and Risk Management Technologies: Implementing solutions to adhere to financial regulations and minimize risks.

  • Client Access Solutions: Offering secure, user-friendly platforms for client transactions and communications.

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Proudly Providing Support for Partners like:


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Cutting-Edge Solutions for Technology Innovators


For tech companies, innovation and scalability are paramount. We support these endeavors with advanced infrastructure solutions and collaborative technology environments that foster innovation and growth.

  • Infrastructure for Innovation: Supporting development with high-capacity data centers and network solutions.

  • Collaborative Workspaces: Enhancing team productivity with custom audiovisual and connectivity solutions.

  • Smart Office Solutions: Deploying sensors and wireless systems for efficient, responsive work environments.

  • Cloud Integration Services: Facilitating seamless cloud adoption for scalability and flexibility.

  • Cybersecurity Measures: Implementing robust security protocols to protect intellectual property and data.

Proudly Supporting Technology Partners like:


Large Enterprise | Fortune 500

Scalable and Secure Solutions for Leading Enterprises


Large enterprise companies demand robust, scalable technology solutions. Our services, from comprehensive infrastructure design to advanced security and building management systems, ensure these enterprises operate efficiently and securely at a global scale.


  • Enterprise-Level Infrastructure: Designing and implementing large-scale data and communication networks.

  • Advanced Security Initiatives: Providing touchless access and comprehensive safety planning.

  • Efficient Building Management: Implementing smart systems for energy and operational management.

  • Global Communication Networks: Establishing systems for seamless global collaboration and communication.

  • Data Analytics and BI Tools: Integrating business intelligence tools for strategic decision-making.

  • AVoverIP Solutions: Deploying our MTI Connect AVoverIP technology to facilitate seamlessly interconnected, high-definition communication and collaboration across vast enterprise networks.

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Proud Technologies Solutions Partners of:

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